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Refer a Friend & Save!

Do you know someone who could benefit from Weed Man San Antonio N, TX’s services and lawn care expertise? Our refer-a-friend program was designed with our customers in mind. Refer a friend to Weed Man and save on lawn care when he or she signs up for our basic program. It’s that easy!

Share the below photo on Facebook for your chance to save on lawn care and give your friends and family the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, green lawn, too! Click on the picture to download


Your Neighbor's Lawn is More Important Than you Think!

Does someone in your neighborhood have a weed-infested lawn? It is very possible that the weeds could potentially germinate or spread onto your turf. In fact, it’s almost inevitable, especially if your lawn is shared. Avoid a neighborhood dispute and instead, schedule one of Weed Man’s many effective lawn care programs!

Quality Matters!

At Weed Man San Antonio N, TX, we are proud to offer our customers golf course quality products. Blended exclusively for Weed Man, our fertilizer is a 65% slow-release granular fertilizer, which is as good as it gets. To supplement your fertilization applications, consider regular weed control to help keep grass thriving, aeration for greater resistance to disease, insects, drought and heat stress, or one of Weed Man’s other many service offerings. When you hire us as your lawn care provider, we become a partner in understanding what your lawn requirements are.

The Benefits of Lawn Care

The benefits of maintaining a healthy green space are endless. Not only does a well-maintained lawn add curb appeal and value to your property, a healthy turf also greatly benefits the environment by increasing air quality by trapping pollutants and dust from the air, cooling temperatures in urban areas and even reducing erosion of soil into our waterways.

It doesn’t stop there! Americans spend countless hours enjoying their yards. A healthy lawn is also known for improving quality of life and offering a sense of therapy and relaxation for homeowners.

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